The best Italian meal is incomplete without a delicious dessert. After all, why not finish off a savory meal with something sweet? Lucky for you, Tony’s has the perfect treat to do this. We offer a wide range of tantalizing desserts, including our fan-favorite limoncello mascarpone cake. Join us for lunch or dinner and finish off your authentic Italian meal with a slice (or two). Better yet, take some home for the whole family to enjoy.

How Do We Make Our Limoncello Mascarpone Cake?

This Italian dish has many different family recipes and may vary from place to place. Regardless, each cake requires two main ingredients that give this treat its name. If you can’t guess, it’s limoncello and mascarpone!

The first main ingredient is limoncello, a lemon liqueur made from lemon zest. It is mostly produced in Southern Italy, around the Gulf of Naples, Sicily, and the Amalfi Coast. Many Italians drink limoncello as a chilled drink used as an after-dinner digestive. Regardless of its use, limoncello has a clear Italian heritage.

The second ingredient, mascarpone, is a sort of soft cream cheese. It is different from traditional cream cheese in that mascarpone is acid-set and made with heavy cream instead of whole milk. This gives it a richer, buttery taste that makes it perfect for sweet and savory dishes. While not great by itself, mascarpone makes for a decadent addition to several Italian desserts.

Making a limoncello mascarpone cake is not a simple process, so we’ll leave out all the specifics. What’s most important to note is how exactly Tony’s limoncello mascarpone cake is different from the rest! We combine luscious Sicilian lemon-infused sponge cake and layers of creamy Italian mascarpone, finished off with a generous topping of white chocolate curls.

Can I Make My Own Limoncello Mascarpone Cake?

It’s always possible to recreate this dish, but we can’t promise it’ll be as good as Tony’s. Instead, let us convince you to give ours a try and you’ll never want to make your own again!

  • Our recipe is an ancient secret. It has been passed down for generations and is unique from the rest. We have perfected this authentic Italian dessert over the years.
  • There are a lot of moving parts to making this cake. Not to mention, it can get expensive! Let us save you time, money, and tons of dirty dishes by trying one of our slices.
  • Our ingredients are always authentic and Italian. It can be hard to find this in stores, especially the limoncello. Save the worrying over expensive, inauthentic ingredients and be sure you’re getting exactly what you’d hoped for.
  • You can see our prices without even coming to the restaurant! We have easy online access to our menus at every Tony’s location. Plus, we can bet our limoncello mascarpone comes at a lower cost than making your own from scratch if you don’t already have the ingredients on hand.

While you’re at it, you might as well bring the whole family for dinner. That way, you have a reason to stay for dessert! Try a starter, slice of pizza, or one of our authentic Italian dishes alongside your heavenly slice of limoncello mascarpone cake.

Full Selection of Desserts

If you aren’t in the mood for something fruity, we have several other desserts to fancy your fare. Check out our full list below to see which one you might try next.

Cannoli is a very popular Italian dessert. Here at Tony’s, we know how to make it right. Try this tube-shaped fried pastry, stuffed with sweet cream, ricotta cheese, and yummy chocolate chips. It’s hard to find anything like this nearby!

Tiramisu is another great option, especially if you love coffee. This dessert is a coffee-lover’s dream, filled with layers of coffee-dipped ladyfingers and mascarpone. To top it off, we add a light dusting of cocoa powder.

Lastly, we wanted to bring another part of our New York roots to the menu. It wouldn’t be complete without authentic NY-style cheesecake.

FAQs About Desserts at Tony’s Pizza

One thing is clear: Tony’s desserts are a must-try. Fortunately, we offer them in-house, takeout, and through delivery. Order a dessert online or come into a Tony’s near you to try one today. If you don’t know which to pick, ask a worker for their own recommendation. Regardless, our desserts will never disappoint.

Is it “mascarpone” or “marscapone?”

Many people accidentally mispronounce this hard word, putting the -r before the -s, including many professional chefs. Italians have been using the word for years and know the correct way to say it, which is “mascarpone.” It should sound like “maa-skaar-pow-nay” when you say it aloud. Don’t worry, we won’t judge if you can’t get it on the first try!

Can I order a full limoncello mascarpone cake?

On our menu, limoncello mascarpone is sold by the slice. However, if you’re trying to buy an entire cake, give us a call at one of our locations in Mooresville, Charlotte, Hickory, or Huntersville. We’ll do our best to accommodate any needs you may have!

Do you have a loyalty program?

Why yes, we do! Whether you’re stopping in for a slice of cake or an entire meal, earn points while doing it! You can sign up in-person with a phone number or download our easy-to-use app, available for both iPhone and Android. For every purchase you make, you’ll earn points towards rewards. This includes free food, exclusive coupons, and discount codes.

If you’re in the Charlotte or Hickory area, come by Tony’s Pizza and try a slice today! To go with your dessert, you may want to grab a slice of our NY-style pizza while you’re here! Likewise, if you’re in Winston-Salem, Clemmons, Greensboro or High Point, our sister store – Mario’s Pizza – has limoncello mascarpone too.

Do You Have Holiday Deals?

We do! In fact, from November 1st to December 10th, 2023, you’ll receive a free 6-piece order of garlic knots when you buy a gift card of $25 or more. Be on the lookout via social media for the most updated deals!