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Tony’s Pizza Is One of the Most Popular Mooresville NC Restaurants

Mooresville is a beautiful area surrounded by lush forests and rolling hills. Over six million people visit the area and lake each year for swimming, boating, and fishing. After enjoying the day, you’ll need a place to grab a bite to eat. Tony’s Pizza is among one of the favorite Mooresville NC restaurants enjoyed by visitors and residents.

We Know How You Love Your Pizza!

Most people love pizza, eating about 180 slices per year per person. When you have a craving, nothing will satisfy it except a delicious, hot, cheesy pizza pie. Tony’s Pizza understands your yearnings. We specialize in America’s favorite type, NY style pizza.

Our owners, Vinny, Tony, and Mario, grew up in Brooklyn, NY. It was here they learned the secrets of great pizza making. Every detail matters from kneading to proofing, and hand-tossing, to create our signature crust.

Next, we blend the freshest ingredients to make our tangy tomato sauce. It’s derived from an old family recipe brought over from Calabria, Italy. The texture is thin enough to spread, yet thick enough to keep the crust from getting soggy.

Of course, the only cheese for NY style pizza is low-moisture mozzarella. This cheese has the perfect consistency when baked – stretchy and elastic. Plus, it has very little water to release as it melts keeping your crust crispy.

While cheese is the most popular pizza, some diners love to customize their pizza pie with toppings. At Tony’s Pizza we offer an abundance of toppings to create the perfect flavor. Alternatively, you can pick one of our specialty pizzas:

  1. Greenhouse – vegetarian lovers
  2. 5 Boroughs – meat lovers
  3. Pizza Bianco – white pizza
  4. Spicy Buffalo chicken
  5. The Worx – a little bit of everything

Diners Also Love Our Other Menu Options

In addition to pizza pie, we serve many other favorite Italian dishes. We also specialize in 2 close cousins of pizza, calzones and strombolis. Both begin with pizza dough, cheese, and sauce. However, unlike pizza, we bake all the toppings inside the crust as our chefs fold the dough over the top. Furthermore, calzones typically have a half-moon shape while strombolis have a log form. Plus, we cook the sauce inside a stromboli instead of serving it on the side like a calzone.

Additionally, we also have several authentic Italian dishes on our menu. Slathered in our fresh tomato sauce, these options are sure to please:

  • Baked ziti
  • Eggplant parmigiana
  • Chicken parmigiana
  • Lasagna
  • Ravioli
  • Spaghetti

Then, there are our submarine sandwiches. You can choose from 2 different sizes, 8 or 12 inches. Our selection includes both hot and cold subs in 11 delectable choices. Plus, we offer salads and appetizers to complete your meal.

Moreover, we also offer a few sweet treats for desserts. Choose from limoncello mascarpone cake, cannoli, cheesecake, or tiramisu. Of course, we also have a kids’ menu with smaller-sized portions at prices you’ll love. All items are $5 or less. Finally, we have several party trays of your favorites for those times when you have a large gathering.

Reviews On Tony’s Pizza

Ultimately, reviews reveal a lot about the service, food, and staff at a restaurant. At Tony’s Pizza, we’re proud of the reviews we receive from our customers:

Amazing! Enjoyed everything about this place. Plenty of seating as you walk in. Order at the counter just like New York Style 😉… we ordered our usual half cheese half pepperoni 🍕 and it’s every bit New York style. The sauce is yummy! The crust is perfect. We are totally going back! – Marcio G.

We ordered a large pizza, Philly cheesesteak and fries. Everything was delicious! Will be visiting again soon. A hidden spot that we would have never found had I not Googled for good pizza restaurants. – Deirdre C.

You can read more of our reviews on our website.

FAQs About Mooresville NC Restaurants

With all the activities in the area, of course, you’ll find plenty of Mooresville NC restaurants. Yet, not all restaurants offer the same level of service, pricing, and deliciousness. Of course, we think Tony’s Pizza is the best. Below, we answer a few questions about Mooresville NC and our Italian restaurants.

What Are Some Interesting Facts About Lake Norman?

Beginning in 1904, Duke Power began to dam the Catawba River to provide electricity to the surrounding communities. The last of these, the Cowans Ford Dam, created Lake Norman. As the dam blocked the waters of the Catawba River, waters rose to cover existing buildings. These include the Long Island and East Monbo Mills and the surrounding village.

Where Can I Find A Tony’s Pizza?

In the Lake Norman area, we have 2 restaurants:

These 2 locations are easily accessible to the nearby towns of Lake Norman, Davidson, Cornelius, Troutman, Charlotte, Westport, and Kannapolis.

Can I Order Online And Have Pizza Delivered?

Of course! Although some Mooresville NC restaurants make you leave your home to eat their food, we never do. You can either call your nearest location or order from our website. We’ve partnered with delivery services such as DoorDash to transport food from our door to yours.

Haven’t got dinner figured out yet? Don’t worry. Let Tony’s Pizza take care of it for you. Our staff is waiting to serve you some delicious food and Italian hospitality. Start your takeout or delivery order by clicking either the green or red button at the top of the page.