Hungry and want to save some money on food deals near you? Tonys coupons are a great way to do that. Plus, you get to enjoy some fabulous food with your fabulous savings! Currently, we don’t have paper coupons available. However, we do have other ways to save on lunch and dinner items with specials and even an offer for a free slice of pizza!

Tonys Coupons – Get a Free Slice of Pizza

Let’s get to the best of Tonys coupons first – the chance to get a free slice of pizza without spending any money! If you are not yet a member of our loyalty club, you get a free slice of pizza just for joining.

To join the Tony’s Pizza loyalty club and save money, download the app and sign up. Or, let a team member know that you wish to join the next time you order. They’ll take your number and information and set you up. To download our money-saving app click here for android or here for iPhone.

In fact, many of our members don’t realize that they received free food when they joined and often have that free slice just sitting in their account. So, if you haven’t redeemed your piece of NY-style pizza yet, check your loyalty account and see if it’s still there. Of course, this pizza coupon does have an expiration date but perhaps you haven’t reached it yet.

Points and Deals

Moreover, we offer other ways to save money once you’re a member. On Mondays, we offer double points for extra savings. At the moment, you receive 1 point for every $2 you spend. So, on Mondays, you get 1 point for every dollar you spend on some of the best pizza and Italian food in Charlotte.

Once you reach 50 points, you get a credit of $5. Redeem this for dine-on or carryout (excluding alcohol) savings at our restaurant locations spread throughout Charlotte and in Hickory.

Throughout the year, we also offer special deals and perks just for our members. Likewise, you receive a free gift on your birthday. Currently, it’s a tasty free 3-piece garlic knot!

Tony’s Lunch Deals

Similarly, we also offer daily Tony’s Lunch Specials. Craving NY-York style pizza? Check out these current lunch specials. (Be sure to select the location nearest you to get the most up-to-date deals for Tony’s. Prices may vary.)

  • Pizza Slice Special: One pepperoni or cheese slice, plus one side and a drink for $9.50
  • 10-inch Pie Special: One-topping pie, plus a drink for $12.95

Conversely, if you’re looking for one of the best subs near you, we also have a deal of the day for that!

  • Get a small sub, plus one side and a drink for $14.50

Craving an Italian sub? Then, choose from our classic Italian, eggplant, sausage, meatball or chicken parmigiana. Want to save money on a different submarine sandwich? Try our turkey, Chick-O-Philly, steak or sausage, pepper and onion sub.

Tony’s Pizza Deals of the Day

Want even more ways to save on Tony’s menu? Luckily, we have a deal for each day. These daily deals are available from open to close.

  • Monday: 15-inch pizza with one topping and two drinks for $19.95
  • Tuesday: Stromboli or calzone plus a drink for $12.95
  • Wednesday: 17-inch pizza with one topping, plus an appetizer (excluding wings) for $24.95
  • Thursday: One 24” two-topping pizza for $33.95
  • Friday: 19-inch pizza with one topping, plus garlic knots for $26.95
  • Saturday: Two 17-inch pizzas with one topping each for $37.95
  • Sunday: 19-inch pizza with one topping, plus 12 boneless wings for $33.95

For the most updated list of all our deals, choose your closest Tony’s Pizza location in Charlotte or Hickory. Next, go to our Specials section on the menu page. (Again, be sure to select the location nearest you to get the most up-to-date deals for Tony’s. Prices may vary.)

Tony’s Kid’s Meal Deals

Tony’s Pizza is a family and locally-owned restaurant. Thus, we understand how expensive dining out can get. Subsequently, we’ve created lots of kids’ meals at $5 and under to help you save money on family-friendly dining in the Charlotte area. Below, check out our affordable meals for kids.

  • Meatball sub with fries
  • Ham and cheese sub with fries
  • Pepperoni pizza slice
  • Mozzarella cheese sticks
  • Spaghetti with marinara or butter sauce (meatballs optional)
  • Cheese Ravioli with marina or butter sauce
  • 4-piece chicken tenders (grilled or crispy) with fries

Is Tony’s Pizza Better than Other Pizza Restaurants?

We get it. This is a bit of a loaded question for us. Furthermore, we also realize that lots of the pizza chains such as Dominos ®, Papa Johns ®, Pizza Hut and ® Marcos®  offer pizza coupons.

However, even if we don’t always have paper Tony’s coupons, as you can see, we still have great deals at Tony’s. Plus, here are a few reasons why you should choose our NY-style pizza and Italian restaurant over their food.

  1. Our pizza is handmade from the start. By combining flour and a few of our secret ingredients, we create our signature dough. Then, we hand-toss it, top it with more of our secret sauce and ingredients and cook it to crispy, chewy goodness in our specialty ovens. We think this makes for some of the best pizza in town.
  2. Plus, we offer one of the best sit-down restaurants nearby. Therefore, you don’t always have to order takeout at Tony’s. Come in, stretch your legs and enjoy your meal in our comfy dining room.
  3. Likewise, we have a broader variety of menu items than many of the pizza chains. If you’re also looking for some of the best wings near you, pasta in Charlotte, salads nearby, stromboli, garlic knots, fried mushroom, fries, onion rings or other tasty appetizers, Tony’s Pizza is your spot!
  4. Also, we have some of the best Italian food in the Charlotte and Hickory area. Choose from a variety of parmigiana, meatballs, spaghetti, lasagna, fried ravioli and baked ziti. Or, check out an authentic Italian dessert to top off your meal.
  5. Additionally, we do our best to cater to special dietary requests. From vegan cheese to gluten free pizza or cauliflower pizza crust, we aim to please. Keep in mind, since flour flies all over our kitchen, our gluten-free crusts are not for people who have allergies or Celiac Disease because of potential cross contamination.

Printed Coupons for Mario’s Pizza

Plus, if you’re ever in the triad, visit our sister (or should we say brother??) store, Mario’s Pizza. Via the Attractions Dining & Value Guide, we have a coupon to save on your lunch or dinner. Currently, the coupon is valid through December 31st, 2024 to get a free 10-inch one-topping pizza with the purchase of a 19-inch one-topping pizza. This is a great pizza deal if you’re feeding a crowd!

Wherever you choose to visit our restaurant and save some money, we look forward to seeing you!