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​Best Pizza Near Me – Get Italian Flavor In Every Slice

best pizza near meIt’s been a busy day and you’re too tired to cook dinner. You’re in the mood for pizza, but not just any pizza. What you crave is Italian style pizza. That’s when you know it’s time to visit Tony’s Pizza, the best pizza near me with an authentic Italian taste. Maybe you’re craving pizza, but the rest of your family is not on board? Not to worry! Tony’s Pizza offers plenty of options besides pizza including subs, pasta, wings, salads, calzone, Stromboli, appetizers, desserts and lots more. Additionally, Tony’s Pizza offers Violife, vegan cheese and gluten-free pizza crust for special dietary needs. Furthermore, Tony’s Pizza gives you the option of ordering online and bringing home your food, if you don’t feel like eating out. Lastly, they make the pizza crust and the family-recipe sauce fresh every day, so your pizza will always taste great.

About Tony’s Pizza

In 1981, three brothers from Brooklyn left their home and moved to North Carolina with a dream. These brothers, Vinny, Mario and Tony, wished to share their Italian origins with the world. So, upon arriving in North Carolina, the brothers first opened Mario’s Pizza, then later, Tony’s Pizza. The brothers focused on bringing the authentic Italian taste to every slice. Since opening in 1981, their business has continued to flourish. What first started as one location, has grown to fourteen locations, eight of them are Mario’s and six Tony’s. Today, the brothers still proudly own the franchise and still bring the same great classic taste to every dish.

For the Best Pizza Near Me – Visit Tony’s Pizza

When you’re in the mood for delicious Italian pizza, you need to visit Tony’s Pizza. More than just a pizzeria, they have something for everyone. If you’re unsure what to order, choosing the special of the day is a delicious way to go. Every day, Tony’s Pizza offers three standard daily specials and one special unique for that day. These specials save you money while giving you a tasty meal. Subject to change, so be sure to visit Tony’s Pizza daily to get in on all the tasty offers.

In addition to daily specials, Tony Pizza also offers kids’ meals. These deals offer smaller portions of food perfect for little stomachs. Each kids’ meal comes with a drink and is under $5, making it the perfect size and price for your little one. Moreover, the kids’ meal choices include chicken tenders, spaghetti, ravioli, pizza, and cheese sticks. For the best pizza near me visit Tony’s Pizza and enjoy a taste of Italy today!